What We Do
The Community Improvement Council is a voluntary organization of permanent Villages residents. The CIC members work with residents, the Developer, the VCDD, the director of recreation, and various local government agencies in an effort to find solutions to issues that are submitted to the CIC for consideration by any Villages resident.

Any Villages resident may submit a suggestion to improve our community by completing a CIC Suggestion Form on the Make A Suggestion page, or by picking up a form at any Villages Postal Station or Regional Recreation Center.

Authorized CIC members regularly collect and review every suggestion submitted to determine its feasibility and the appropriate action to be taken. Any issues that are not considered to be routine are presented to the council to determine the proper course of action required to resolve the issue.

CIC members then follow-up with the resident to let them know that the issue has been resolved, or to obtain additional information, if necessary.

The CIC is continuously seeking new members to serve a two-year term on the Council. Candidates must be residents who have lived full-time in The Villages for at least one year as of the date they assume membership on the CIC.

The link below can be used to download the membership application form. There is also an online membership application form on the Contact Us page.

CIC Membership Application Form