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Please review the frequently submitted suggestions below before submitting your suggestion to see if it’s been previously addressed. Also see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information. 

Residents may submit their suggestions using the online form below, or by using the CIC Suggestion Form. The forms are available at Regional Recreation Centers and at CIC boxes located at neighborhood postal facilities.

At the postal facilities, the completed forms should be deposited in the CIC box, which is for CIC suggestions only, and are collected weekly by a CIC member. Suggestions submitted to the CIC must include a name, address and telephone number. All submissions will be kept confidential.

Frequently Submitted Suggestions

Deed Compliance Issues
It is recommended you refer to your Deed Covenants for guidance on the restrictions for your particular property. If you would like to report a possible deed violation or have questions regarding your covenants, contact the Deed Compliance Office at 352-751-3912.

Maintenance Issues
Residents who observe maintenance issues relating to common areas may contact District Property Management for properties north of CR 466 at 352-753-4022. Sumter Landing District Property Management may be contacted for common area properties south of CR 466 at 352-753-4022.

Entry Gate Landscaping
The entry gate to each Village is designed to be different and have its own personality. The flowers at each entry gate are changed four times per year. The actual maintenance is managed by a contracted service with each individual district.

Postal Facilities, Entrance Gates, or Common Areas Issues
Issues relating to areas north of CR 466, contact District Property Management at 352-753-4022, or Sumter Landing District Property Management for areas south of CR 466 at 352-751-6713. Residents observing burned out lights, housekeeping maintenance issues at postal facilities, entrance gates or in common areas should contact the appropriate Property Management Office. Residents in the incorporated portion of Lady Lake may contact the Lady Lake Public Works Office at 352-787-0074. Residents may report a malfunctioning street light by contacting Sumter Electric Company (SECO) at 352-237-4107. Each street light pole will be tagged with a number identifying the pole location. Poles having orange tape around them have been reported to SECO.

Dead Fronds on Palm Trees
There are numerous palms on the golf courses, lakes, recreation centers and common areas in The Villages®. The Villages® palm tree maintenance policy is based on current research. Some species of palms are susceptible to sporadic cold temperatures. Palms can be adequately protected by leaving the brown leaves attached which serves the purpose of providing some insulation to the growing bud. The University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service/Department of Ornamental Horticulture believes it is in the best interest of the tree to leave it alone and allow the fronds to provide this natural protective function. Some trimming is done for safety issues.

The Villages® is designed to be a pet friendly community. However, only domestic pets are permitted and they should not make any unreasonable amount of noise or create a nuisance. Pets must be controlled by a leash when not in the confines of the home. As a courtesy, owners should pick up after their pets and respect neighboring property owners. This same courtesy would apply to common areas, multi-modal paths, and the Town Squares. All city and county pet ordinances shall be adhered to.

Telephone Book Disposal
Residents of unincorporated Lake County are serviced by Waste Management. Each homeowner is issued a recycling container in which the old telephone may be placed for pick up. At the present time all other residents should dispose of the telephone books with their regular recycling pick up. Residents are reminded not to deposit the old directories at the postal stations. The Lions’ Club recycling containers at the neighborhood postal stations are for aluminum cans only. For more information about recycling, please visit the Community Development Districts website. 

Suggestions for a Specific Retail Store
It is recommended you contact the corporate office of the store to express your interest in having a store locate in The Villages®. You may also submit your suggestion through The Villages website feedback page

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