Frequently Asked Questions

ATM Machines
Citizens First Bank provides ATMs at many postal stations and other locations throughout The Villages®. A listing of locations can be found on the bank’s website here. Requests for additional locations should be made using the Consumer Satisfaction Survey cards located in each branch lobby. 

If you are interested in having a park bench installed (at your cost), please contact the District Customer Service Supervisor at 352-753-4508.

Home Warranty
Any questions about the construction of you home, warranty issues, etc. should be directed to the Construction and Home Warranty Office at 352-753-6222.

Lake Sumter Bridge Cart Path
The bridge is the responsibility of Sumter County. It is cost prohibitive to make any modifications to the cart path or sidewalk. The sidewalk cannot be removed or altered because it is a pedestrian walkway that meets state specifications. 

Landscaping in Common Areas
Plants are replaced on a quarterly schedule. Replanting may occur before current plants have faded in order to maintain a consistent appearance and due to the arrival of bulk shipments from nurseries. Weather and drought conditions may also affect the planting schedule. Trees and shrubs are replaced on an as needed basis.

Mail Stations
The USPS owns and maintains all mail boxes. The surrounding area (walkways, building exterior, trash receptacles, parking lot) is maintained by District Property Management. 

Post Office
The USPS has decided not to locate an additional post office in The Villages® at this time. Stamps may be purchased at many ATMs, grocery stores and retail establishments. The Post Office that services The Villages® is Lady Lake.   

Recycling Unwanted Mail
A method for household recycling is in place. Residents are encouraged to take their unwanted mail home to recycle. Trash in the trash containers at mail stations and other locations is not sorted for recyclables. Attempts to try recycling at mail stations have not been successful as residents were not conscientious about what they placed in the recycle containers.   

Retail Stores and Restaurants
To suggest a particular restaurant, retail store or commercial entity to be established in The Villages®, please submit it to The Villages website feedback page. It is also recommended that you contact the corporate office of the store to express your interest in having the store established in The Villages. 

Road Signs
Sign designs vary by government jurisdiction. No additional directional signage is planned at this time. Roads in The Villages® (other than Villa roads and roads in Marion County) are maintained by the county or municipality in which the roads are located. Roads in Villas are maintained by the District in which the roads are located. The Villages® roads in Marion County are maintained by District 4. 

Security Gates
The gates provide security by photographing vehicles passing through and provide safety for golf carts, cyclists and pedestrians by slowing vehicles. Security cannot be made more strict as the roads are public and are the responsibility of the respective county. 

Traffic Circles (Roundabouts)
A brochure that explains the proper method to navigate traffic circles is available at recreation centers and Customer Service. Remember, reduce speed, do not change lanes in a traffic circle, and use your turn signals. 

Atlas Dog Park – Shade
Structures to provide shade at the Atlas Dog Park on Moyer Loop cannot be built due to legal restrictions that prevent structures under power transmission lines.