Press Release

Community Improvement Council Notice

Effective April 1, 2021 The Community Improvement Council (CIC) will cease all operations. As the District Government has a resident comment/feedback system already in place and successful, we will refer residents to utilize their system.  The District Correspondence located at each postal facility can be utilized by those residents wishing to drop off paper comments/suggestions, including our existing Golden Rod forms.  You can also call the District Customer Service Center at 352-753-4508 or emailing

The District’s online suggestion form available online.  The Goldenrod forms or other forms of paper can be placed in the District Mailbox at the postal station.  To receive a response or follow-up, please include your Name, Phone Number and, if available, your email address with your suggestion.

The CIC was empowered by the Developer 35 years ago to provide a mechanism for suggestions and concerns of the resident to be addressed. Over the years since, the CIC has helped residents and worked with the District offices on thousands of suggestions and concerns. Although the majority of these involved maintenance or repair and landscape issues, they also included major items such as support of the golf cart bridge over 441, handicap lift chairs at the pools, traffic flow signs at round-a-bouts, mirrors at the golf cart tunnels, reflectors at medium strips, the Adopt-A-Bench program, new signage on the golf cart paths as well as multimodal path tunnels, and many other improvements.

Although the CIC has been successful in helping to make these changes through personal interaction with The Village Residents and District staff, the on-line system currently being used by the District is deemed to be more efficient and timely in dealing with this interaction. It will be even more so with some planned enhancements to the system.

The Community Improvement Council would like to thank all those who residents and staff who participated in making this suggestion program a success over the last 35 years.